Pricing of services

Small businesses are serviced on the basis of a fixed monthly fee, which is typically LVL 70–100 for a company with up to several dozens of documents. As a matter of fact, our experience shows that the minimum price level can be used as one indicator of the quality of an accounting company. We can say with confidence that companies which advertise full-scope accounting services at a price of 20 to 40 lats per month (at the 2010 price level) come in a bundle with long-term problems.

The price for larger companies consists of a fixed monthly fee and the variable part. The fixed fee covers the work of the chief accountant, whose responsibility is preparing statements, assuring the quality of work and providing tax advice. The fixed fee will depend on the complexity of work and the average time required. The variable part of our fee structure is proportional to the amount of employees and documents to be processed. If the amount of documents is low, this portion is so small that we include it in the fixed fee. When the amount of documents is significant, the fixed fee often remains small, while the variable portion increases.