If you are looking for a provider of accounting services, let me explain what makes the services provided by Investors SIA stand out from the crowd.

Above all we believe that every business would like to see accounting function organized in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We strive to never miss a reporting deadline and organize our work efficiently in order to reduce the cost of service.

The way we achieve these targets is by use of cutting edge technology. For instance, we employ digital recognition software Veridoc, which recognizes information in scanned documents by its context. The program automatically determines which value is the transaction amount, which is the VAT amount or the due date of payment. The accountant’s job is to check and verify the results. To our clients such automated process means fast and accurate data entry. In just a few hours time we are able to process more than a hundred documents. This is how we provide services even to relatively large businesses that generate thousands of documents every month.

As you may have guessed already, we scan and process all documents in electronic form. An additional benefit from this is that a digital archive of accounting documents is available to all of our clients. The archive is based on the M-Files system, which our clients can access from anywhere in the world via an Internet browser.

Automation of processes can sometimes actually save our clients’ time. Our proprietary software generates convenient time-sheets in Excel format, which can be adapted to each client’s particular needs. These tables are automatically pre-filled by using a template or historical data from our accounting program, and clients will only make small adjustments in completing those forms instead of filling them out from blank-forms. That means significant time savings in producing time-sheets even in complicated production environments as well as fast calculation of salaries even for a large number of employees. It is no wonder that we are able to service companies whose staff is measured in several hundreds.

Quality control is ensured by constant computerized audits. Our proprietary software will scan thousands of entries and identify potentially faulty patterns. We do not just promise quality, we can actually demonstrate the tools we use to achieve it.

For additional information, please view a flowchart of our accounting process on www.investors.lv/en/info/solutions.

Welcome to the world of modern accounting!

Guntars Vītols

Partner, FCCA

Investors SIA